Crossroads Jobs Helps Dulles South Food Pantry Support Guest Self-Sufficiency Goals

crossroadsTucked away in their office in downtown Leesburg, the unassuming staff of Crossroads Jobs, led by Carol Smith, changes lives. Through the job placement organization, Crossroads Jobs, Smith has assisted nearly 200 people in regaining control of their situations by finding jobs that help them on the path to earning living wage in Loudoun County.

“We really strive to get our clients to the point that they don’t need public assistance,” said Smith. “It’s really expensive to live in Loudoun County, and it’s a journey for many to be able to get to that point.”

And this mission aligns with the vision of the Dulles South Food Pantry (DSFP). In an effort to help Pantry guests find paths to self-sufficiency, DSFP has partnered with Crossroads to provide job counseling services to its guests.

“Crossroads offers concrete steps individuals can take to lead them on the path to independence,” said Charlene Jones, president, DSFP. “Our organizations complement each other in extending support to Pantry guests.”

In just one Crossroads’ success story, Smith lovingly talks of helping a man who was chronically homeless because of substance abuse issues. Through engagement with Crossroads and support of the community, he was able to tackle his addiction and go through Crossroads’ placement services to find a stable position—with the Town of Leesburg.

Smith attributes Crossroads’ success to the connections built along the way. Crossroads is the only job placement service of its type in the county, providing a comprehensive process for candidates—from orientation to job placement. The team of volunteers at Crossroads leads career services workshops for resume development and interviewing techniques, offers job search functions, conducts interview coordination and follows up with candidates and employers. They take an active role in ensuring a candidate finds the right job, one that suits his/her experience and creates growth opportunities.

“The job counselor will be there for the applicant. Even once the applicant has a job, that person can call the counselor for advice on workplace situations. We see it as an ongoing relationship.”

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