December 2016 Newsletter – A Year in Review: Growing a Community of Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

volunteer putting food in a donation box

A guest recently sent a note to the Pantry. “Thank you for everything that you do! Our family really appreciates your efforts and hard work serving the community. You guys have been a blessing to our family and I hope someday we can give back as well. From the outside, we may not seem like a family struggling financially. I try hard to put some normalcy in our lives and eliminating the stress of putting food on the table gives us a break in dealing with the other stuff. My husband has lost his job and hasn’t found something that pays regularly and with benefits…I just wanted to say how thankful I am for being there and not letting me worry about providing basic food, especially for my kids.” 

Thanks to your generous donations of time, money, and food, the Pantry is growing in its ability to help families like this one.

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