May 2016 Newsletter – Dulles South Food Pantry Serves as Giving Inspiration: A Guest Story

Since the Dulles South Food Pantry opened in June 2014, it has helped more than 1,200 guests, providing them with more than 150,000 pounds of food.

Nothing shows success more than when Pantry guests open up about the impact the organization has made on their lives―even in unanticipated ways.

For example, a guest recently shared, “Just wanted to say thank you from my family and all of my heart for the help you give us! You have inspired me to help others in need in other ways. More for the homeless and people in severe trouble.”

This guest went on to reveal, “You keep my inspiration going. Feeding my family and holding our heads up is enough for me…. There is someone in need every second of the day.”

Serving as a testament to the Pantry’s tagline, “Neighbors helping neighbors,” this story conveys the sentiment at the core of everything the Pantry does: to serve those in need.

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