September 2016 Newsletter – It Takes The Whole Community to Make This Work

Mike Donaldson, host of At Loudoun Podcast Magazine, interviewed Pantry President Charlene Jones in September 2016.  To listen to the podcast, go to At Loudoun’s website .  Listen on your way to work or when you have some extra time.  It is a great summary of how the Pantry started, who the Pantry helps, why the Pantry is important to the community and how you can get involved.  There are so many different people, businesses, and organizations that are helping to run the Pantry.  “It takes the whole community to make this work”, President Jones explains. This is a great reminder to all of us why we need to help in our community.  To paraphrase what host Donaldson says, “If you aren’t motivated to help after listening to this podcast, then you probably should stop listening.”  This is a must listen to for all of our current volunteers or prospective volunteers, as a reminder of the Pantry’s mission and the importance of serving the community.  To hear more Loudoun news, visit At Loudoun’s webiste at

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