JML Middle School instills a sense of neighborly ownership and concern for the hungry in its 7th grade class

image001Last month, President Charlene Jones, was invited to speak to all the 7th graders at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School, to help teach them about hunger in America. The 7th grade history teachers at JML wanted to tie history lessons about the great depression and the dust bowl to what is happening in America today. Students learned that there are 15.9 million food insecure children in the United States today. Students were challenged to do something to address food insecurity in America today.Continue reading

Scouts Make A Huge Impact!

Over the past year, the Dulles South Food Pantry has been the lucky recipient of the tremendous work done by numerous boy scouts and girl scouts in the Dulles South Area. In 2014, between efforts made by individual scouts, individual troops, the Boy Scouts Scouting for Food Program and the Girl Scouts Sing for Their Supper Program, over 7800 pounds was brought to the pantry. That’s almost enough food to feed all of our regular guests for an entire month!Continue reading

Thank You Dulles South

The Dulles South Food Pantry is off to a roaring start thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Dulles South residents. Before the food pantry opened in June, the nearest food pantries serving Dulles South were more than a dozen miles away in Leesburg, Middleburg and Ashburn. While Loudoun County consistently ranks among counties with the highest incomes in America, there are families who need help.Continue reading

How to Organize a Food Drive

Step 1:

With your family, sports team, or friends, pick a time and place for collecting food. Consider picking a time people will gather any way, like a sporting event. You could also pick a donation spot that people walk by frequently, like a spot in a school or business. Or you could select a home as a neighborhood collection point.Continue reading

Desires Realized in Dulles South Food Pantry

Opening June 18, 2014, the Dulles South Food Pantry was formed to serve the needy of one of the fastest growing communities in America. Nestled to the south of the Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia, the Dulles South region boasts tantalizing amenities like community pools, a gorgeous library, a new hospital coming soon, a community center, miles of beautifully groomed trails and more. But, even in our immaculately maintained community, there is still heart breaking need for the basic necessities.Continue reading

Opening June 18

The Dulles South Food Pantry will open Wednesday June 18 to serve those who need food.  Details will follow. Watch this space for updates.