July 2019: Wanted: Fresh Fruits & Veggies!

Did you know the Pantry accepts fresh produce?
photo of natural colored basket with fresh kale, tomatoes, and purple peppers
Maybe you have a green thumb and grow a bounty of fruits or vegetables (or even herbs!). You can bring your extras to the Pantry within hours of harvesting, and they may well be eaten by Pantry guests for dinner that night!

Read more about donating fresh produce in the July Newsletter.

April 2019: Choose the Pantry on May 7

GiveChoose is a 24-hour, online giving campaign sponsored by the Community Foundation for Loudon & Fauquier Counties. The goal is to inspire donors to give to the local charities that make our community the best place to grow up and grow old. GiveChoose has raised over $600,000 for local charities since it began in 2014!

Read how you can choose the Pantry on May 7 in the April Newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/dsfp/dsfp-newsletter-apr-2019-choose-the-pantry-and-give-on-may-7th

January 2019: Sharing Our Gratitude as We Announce the Departure of Pantry Co-founder and Leader

photo of Pantry Executive Director Charlene Jones

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Pantry Board of Directors announces the departure of Charlene Jones as Executive Director and Board Member. We can’t thank her enough for her great service to the Pantry and will greatly miss her.

Read more about the amazing job Charlene and the team have done in the January Newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/dsfp/faith-in-human-goodness-dsfp-newsletter-december-1870081

December 2018: Faith in Human Goodness

Almost five years ago, three friends stepped out in faith to start a food pantry in Dulles South. Trusting in an inherent goodness in human nature, they had faith that when their neighbors truly understood that other neighbors were hungry, they would come to their aid.

At the close of 2018, those initial steps of faith, and subsequent steps of faith by thousands of members of our community, have created a thriving Dulles South Food Pantry.

Read about this journey of faith in the December Newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/dsfp/faith-in-human-goodness-dsfp-newsletter-december-2018

November 2018: Virginia MBA Candidates Make a Difference by Helping the Pantry Stop Hunger

photo of Pantry volunteer Dominic Bueno and his MBA team

In May 2018, a team of M.B.A. candidates from Longwood University – one of which a local Virginia Manor resident – in support of the Pantry’s mission started to develop a marketing plan as part of their capstone project and to aid our growth.

Learn how their plan made an impact in the November newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/dsfp/virginia-mba-candidates-help-pantry-stop-hunger-dsfp-newsletter-november-2018