About Us

Executive Officers

President: Charlene Jones
Vice President: Robin Kinkead
Secretary: Lori Bell
Treasurer: Karen Grant

Board of Directors

  • Amy Buchanan
  • Charlene Jones
  • Frank Ludlow
  • Julie Abel
  • Karen Grant
  • Kristen Reed
  • Lori Bell
  • Nancy Rush
  • Robin Kinkead
  • Tod Larson

  • Read Our FAQs

    The Dulles South Food Pantry’s goal is to alleviate hunger in Loudoun County by soliciting, collecting and distributing food through a food pantry based within the Dulles South community that is supported by a network of multi-faith institutions and community organizations. Donations to the Dulles South Food Pantry are tax-deductible.

    Mission: The Dulles South Food Pantry is a multi-faith emergency food pantry. We provide nutritious food, personal supplies and other services to those in need in Dulles South and the surrounding area regardless of income, faith or other criteria and strive to promote self-sufficiency.

    The Dulles South Food Pantry is a partner agency of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

    Area Served: The Dulles South Food Pantry serves all residents of Dulles South. The pantry defines Dulles South as within the school boundaries of Freedom High School, John Champe High School or the future Brambleton Middle School/future HS-11 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Guests do not need to have a school-aged child, but they must live in this area. School boundaries may be searched at https://webinter.lcps.org/Lcps_Locate/. The pantry serves guests who live beyond this boundary if they attend one of the DSFP’s Faith Supporters or if they are referred to the pantry on an emergency basis by a Faith Supporter or Community Supporter listed on the pantry website. Families who live outside this boundary but have a student attending an elementary school, middle school or high school in the Freedom, John Champe or future Brambleton Middle School/future HS-11 clusters are also considered residents of Dulles South by the pantry.