September 2017: Partnering with local schools

If you’ve ever volunteered at your child’s school, you’ve surely seen the amount of food that is wasted during lunchtime. So much of what is purchased or sent with school children for lunch is thrown away unopened or uneaten. What if there was a way to save that valuable food for our neighbors in need? Read more about the Food Recovery Program in this month’s newsletter.


Food Recovery

July 2017: Sharing the bounty: Local garden donations provide fresh, healthy food to our neighbors in need

Fresh produce in basketIt is important at the Pantry for us to help our guests take advantage of fresh produce in the summer months, and we are working to build key relationships with local farms to provide critically needed fresh food to our guests. Local farms and residents, including Willowsford Farm and families who garden at the Ticonderoga Farms community garden, have been making valuable contributions to the Pantry by sharing their excess harvest, which helps us to provide fresh, healthy food to nourish our hungry neighbors who desperately need it.

Read more in this month’s newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter – May is Hunger Awareness month in Loudoun County

On May 2, 2017, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors proclaimed May as Loudoun County Hunger Awareness month.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Hunger Awareness Month proclamation

Pantry President, Charlene Jones, was on hand to witness the signing of the proclamation.

The proclamation recognizes that 17,000 people in Loudoun County (or 4.7% percent of the population) were identified as “food insecure” or hungry last year; and, 69% of those people did not qualify for government assistance. Food pantries see a decrease in contributions over the summer months when families no longer have the security of school-based food programs. With the decrease in donations and increase in need, local food pantries are stretched thin, and by April, they are wondering how they will provide for everyone. Declaring the need to raise awareness of this critical issue, the Board of Supervisors hopes to encourage our citizens to come together to lend a hand.

Read more in this month’s newsletter

Loudoun food pantries reach out to all areas of county

From Round Hill to Sterling Park; from Loudoun Heights to South Riding; local food pantries reach out to touch needy families in all four corners of Loudoun County.

Donations to all food pantries typically decrease during the summer months. However, hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation and many students who would otherwise eat breakfast and lunch at school may no longer have access to those meals during the summer.

See Leesburg Patch for more information.